A b o u t

The initial ideas for what has become ‘The Freestyle Orchestra’ were formed between 2004-2006
during studies at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia, by a collective entitled “L’ Assemblée dès Rêveurs”
(The Assembly of Dreamers), as the Sydney Stunt Orchestra.

Performing in various combinations over the following years, the goals were always the same:
combining the highest possible standard of classical music performance with our backgrounds in circus arts, street and physical theatre,
exploring new directions in concert presentation and designing shows aiming to entertain classical and non-classical fans alike.

As many of our members relocated from Australia to study in Europe and the UK, the decision was made to make steps to reassemble the collective in Vienna. Fortunately, we quickly found like-minded colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere and ‘The Freestyle Orchestra’ was born. ‘Freestyle’ refers both to our presentation philosophy (anything can happen!) as well as the bringing together of open minds.

In 2017 our team comprises original members from Australia as well as some of Europe’s top all-round virtuosos, with the current orchestra made up of artists of 12 different nationalities, living in 9 different countries. Highlights of the 2016/17 season include performances at Mosaique Wien (Austria), Zirkus Pikard (Austria), Venice Biennale (Italy), ‘The Marble Circus’ (Italy) and Les Jardins Musicaux (Switzerland).

Combining classical music with our skills in various circus disciplines, gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, yoga, costume design, physical theatre and other
genres of music, we explore the boundaries of what is physically possible for an orchestra to do. We wish to challenge perceptions of how classical
music looks and how it is presented, show that classical music is for everyone and present a show that is as flexible as it is engaging,
connecting with wide and varied audiences.